Privacy Policy

To ensure the protection of the privacy of LAJK members.

This policy is in reference to both current and former LAJK members. Approved by the LAJK Board of Directors

Requests for Information
No coach, player, parent, official, or other LAJK member shall release information regarding member players, teams, officials, coaches, or other LAJK members to any person or organization, commercial or otherwise, for any purpose or in any manner not mentioned below, without the approval of the LAJK Board of Directors.

Required Information
Inherent in enrollment in LAJK it is understood that in order to participate in USA Hockey, CAHA, SACHA, league play and tournaments; team rosters must be submitted to such organizations. These rosters may include name, address, jersey number, position, date of birth, and signature. LAJK’s cannot control further use and disclosure of such information once it has been released to such organizations. Inherent in enrollment in LAJK it is understood that because youth hockey is played in a public forum, certain video, photo, audio and written information may be public information and disseminated by other organizations or private individuals (ie. media reports and photos, home movies).

In the course of publicizing and promoting the LAJK program via newsletter, tournament programs, sponsor plaques, website, newspaper accounts, etc. it is understood that LAJK names, rosters, and or photographs may be made public.

Fundraising & Communication
From time to time, requests may be made by an outside organization (i.e. hockey camps, corporate sponsors, etc.) or individual for member information. HYHA will ensure that such release of information is done in a manner that ensures that members authorize release of information, or that contact with members is facilitated through HYHA as an intermediary in a manner that protects the privacy of the member.