16U AAA Major team mentoring Mites


The Los Angeles Jr. Kings’ 16U AAA Major team will engage in Part II of its mentoring program with the Jr. Kings’ Mite Track I Black 2007 squad with a joint practice on Jan. 31 and game on Feb. 7.

As a focal point of the event, the Mites, who are coached by Dimitri Voulelikas, will experience the practice and game in an AAA atmosphere under the guidance and support of the Jack Bowkus-coached Jr. Kings 16U Major players.

“Our boys are fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with the youngest players in our club in this kind of environment,” said Chris Wozniak, the father of 16U AAA Major forward Jackson Wozniak who helped coordinate the program. “The little ones really look up to our older players, and it’s great to see our guys so eager and excited to get involved.”

The joint practice will include on-ice instruction and encouragement from the 16U Majors, as well as off-ice interaction in the locker room, which will include introducing the Mites to their pre-game routines - how they tape their stick and tie their skates, for example.

On game day, the Mites will be encouraged to up their dress attire to mirror that of the 16U Majors, who don suits at their various showcase events and games throughout the season, helping create a big-game atmosphere.

The 16U Majors, who will also dress in game-day suits, will arrive early to set up the Mites' locker room complete with water and snacks, welcome them and help prepare them for the game.

The Mites will play two 30-minute games, with the Majors on hand cheering on the team from start to finish.

After the game, the two squads will get together for a group photo on the ice, followed by an autograph session in the locker room.

“It should be a whole lot of fun,” Chris Wozniak added. “Our boys are really looking forward to it.”

Part I of the event included a pre-season training program amongst the two clubs, which was well received on a number of levels.